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Network Consulting and Project Management.

“If you aren’t online yet, let us help.”

IT Works Network identifies what needs to be done so that you can focus on core business operations.
With our professional Project Management experience we ensure the work delivered meets your business requirements, we ensure plans integrate into your business and provide value to your organization.

In fact, conservative reports indicate that without Project Management, more than 50% of projects fail. Professional Project Management provides centralized and comprehensive coordination required to ensure projects are implemented to specifications, on time and within budget, and for most with client needs in mind.

Network Deployment.

“Take control of your system.”

As a Microsoft Professional Partner and Engineer, we have a focus on server and network deployment. A server installation provides security, central management, and reliable operation. The server will manage your files as well as others computers and policies within the network.

These implementations are imperative in optimizing investment dollars and ensuring long-term scalable cost savings, which can be easily achieved by planning, design, implementation, and operation.

Common case experienced is brought upon computers protected by passwords. If someone happens to forget or misplace a password you can quickly reset the password with a network server. A server centralizes user account management as well as ensures compliancy of company policies by limiting software installation and/or internet access to mention just a few benefits.

Our services help you evaluate, plan, design, implement operate, and optimize a reliable, scalable and secure network infrastructure.


Security Design

“You are only as strong as your weakest link.”

We are experienced in security consultation with a Comp TIA Security+, Microsoft Security Credentials and years of hands on experience. We focus on analyzing the network infrastructure and servicing/correcting vulnerabilities. Helping you identify your exposure to internal and external security threats, by doing so we bring awareness of the financial risks these vulnerabilities pose to your business. Together we will develop a mitigation strategy that best aligns with your business objectives, providing you with a robust yet flexible network.

We also partner with many technologies to ensure clear, easy-to-use administrative interfaces and tools to find the best fit for your business needs, for Internet messaging and firewall products, emphasizing the secure delivery of your network data.


System Integration

“Looking for what suits you best?”

We analyze and identify the most compatible solutions for your organization to control network efficiency and overall business performance.

We successfully implement, as we like to call them “productivity applications” which address compelling business needs, improve program execution and enable effective decision-making.
We ensure the compatibility of the assembling components so they can work seamlessly together as a system. All implementations are first tested in a controlled environment and finally we train you on how to maximize the solutions’ abilities.

Our services support your organization on the combination of technologies and growing demand of today’s applications.


Disaster recovery

“Are you ready for the BIG one?”

Knowing how to recover from a disaster is one of the most valuable investments you can do for your organization.

We have been servicing Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties for the last six years. As we already know Florida’s Hurricane season is increasingly active. Our service Help you protect your critical business data in the event of a disaster and allow your business functions to recover to full functionality following a disaster with the up most urgency.
Recent studies have shown that just under 50% of businesses that suffer from a major disaster without a disaster recovery plan in place never reopen for business.
We provide your organization with a recovery plan based on your business needs. We also ensure that all recovery plans are audited and tested periodically to avoid failure. Some of our suggestions are as simple as:

  1. Keeping your entire network online in case of a power outage.
  2. Providing a back-up system and a redundant back-up system to restore lost files.
  3. Establishing a hot site to continue business as usual.

Having a plan allows you to recover quickly and efficiently from any metro or human catastrophe.


Features and Benefits Offered

IT Works Network offers several features and benefits to organizations as an added value to you:

  1. Remote Service:

For our ongoing clients, we offer support remotely. In some cases this can reduce repair time from days to minutes, which ultimately help us stay “green” by saving fuel energies, and getting you back on track quicker. We love the environment and do our best to help protect it.

  1. 48-hour Satisfaction Guaranteed:

For all clients, we offer a satisfaction guaranteed policy on all our services to ensure your need is met. “If you are not satisfied, neither are we and we will do our best to make it right!”

  1. The client has control of all documentation:

What sets up apart from other IT solution companies is our trust in your business. We value your support and thank you for your business by doing so we entitle you to have full control of all documents and information to maintain your business technologies, such as passwords, rights, network diagrams, and licenses.

  1. Ticketing system:

You don’t even have to call us to setup a visit. Thanks to our ticketing system. As simple as sending an email is all you will have to do in order to express any issues or concerns.